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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Inspired by my green floral dress

Hello lovelies!

I was in desperate need of some new clothes so I purchased some during a sale +20% off event. I got two blouse dress thingies (I couldn't choose between them, because of their totally different patterns which I both loved). They inspired my manicures and today I'm showing you the first one:

This is the blouse dress, which is less faded in real life and actually matches the nails really well!

For this manicure, I used a base of Carpe Noctem Cosmetics "[Insert Emerald Pun Here]" and painted on the flowers with my detail brush, white and yellow polish from Essence, ("Wild White Ways", "Little Miss Sunrise") and Essie "Serial Shopper" coral. I sealed it in with SV. 

I enjoyed wearing both. What do you think?


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