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Friday, January 12, 2018

Ms. Sparkle's Moonlight Flight Collection - pt. 2

Hello lovelies!

Time for the rest of Ms. Sparkle's Moonlight Flight Collection! Part 1 was awesome and I promise part 2 is also excellent.

Let's start with "Chibi", a pearly white sheer crelly with black micro glitters, shifting rainbow micro shreds and some silver holo pigment. 

It's opaque in three coats and applies like butter. Shown here with glossy top coat. 

I got so many compliments wearing this! I coordinated my outfit accordingly and it was a hit.

Next we have "Nekobus":

"Nekobus" is a brown crelly with a gold shift that makes it more caramel color. It contains different UCC flakies and caramel hexes & squares. It's opaque in 1-2 coats and the warm colour is perfect for winter. Shown here with glossy top coat.

Now here comes a my favourite from the collection, "Yasuko":

A light blue holo crelly with a violet shimmer, violet galaxy glitters, holo micro flakies and deep violet micro flakies - it is magical. Can't stop staring at it! It's opaque in two coats and requires a glossy top coat to bring out the full sparkle. In real life, the violet shimmer is much more pronounced, it was just hard to capture on camera for me.

I also did a little stamping, using Moyou Africa 02 and Essence "Midnight Sky". This image did not pick up very well...

Another fun polish in this collection is "Mei", an orange/red crelly with gold shift and brown, caramel, yellow, gold and white hexes & squares.

It is opaque in 2-3 thin coats. A little glitter food is needed to smooth it out, but not much. The glitters automatically distribute themselves evenly.

Such a gorgeous crelly of course needs mattifying and it is splendid! Look at that shimmer...

Last, but not least, another favourite, the wonderfully sparkly "Chuu":

"Chuu" is a periwinkle blue holo crelly with a silver shift, holo micro flakies, holo black and silver hexes and violet microglitters. 

The collection is now available for pre-order and all other items are on SALE! I suggest you go check them out!

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  1. "Nekobus" is my favourite, I think. I'm really into these brown colours lately!


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