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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

The Digit-al Dozen Looks Up - Cloudy Sky & Birdies Fly

Hello lovelies!

I'm continuing my Digit-al Dozen challenge today, 5 days late. Sorry about that! Anyways, we were looking up for this challenge, so I already covered a few subjects: airplanes, dandelions and my kick-ass lamp. Today I'm looking up at a cloudy sky across which birds are flying, a . 

For my grey cloudy sky I used Ms. Sparkle "Totoro" from last year's Moonlight Flight collection, which is so pretty. I stamped with hēhē 99 and Ya Qin An light grey stamping polish for the clouds and Beauty Big Bang black stamping polish for the birds. I sealed it all in with BPS no-smudge top coat and then with SV.

I've already seen what the other ladies created for day 4, so I recommend you check out the links below!


  1. Your mani turned out great. I love the shape of your nails. I keep trying to wear this shape and I never seem to pull it off!

  2. So cute and just perfect for this theme x

  3. These are really pretty and I love that base color!

  4. I like the layered stamping on this one!


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