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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The Digit-al Dozen Looks Up - Starry Starry Night

Hello lovelies!

So finally my last Digit-al Dozen post. Of course my favourite thing looking up is stars. So a starry mani could not be left out of the line-up! Plus, my friend gave me the plate with this image, so I really wanted to use it.

I decided to subtle stamp, inspired by this mani from Kerry. She reminded me of the phenomenon of subtle stamping, lol. I used Kiko 839 and Colour Alike "B. a Cozy Blanket" and El Corazon 2059, as I did for the lamp-inspired mani. I sealed it in with SV and then with Essence matte top coat.

Yay! A week and a half late, but I finished the challenge! 


  1. I have this plate and I love this image. Your color combo is so pretty

  2. That’s very pretty! I’m a fan of subtle stamping.

  3. I never got my final mani done. I love this image, its so pretty!


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