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Monday, June 21, 2021

Birthday mani for Diana

Hi lovelies!

I was invited to join in on a collaboration for Diana van Nisselroy's birthday! We all recreated one of her manicures. This my mani:

It was inspired by this mani:
Source: @DianaVNisselroy

Now I didn't use the exact same shades; the pastel orange I used turned out to be a thermal that shifted to yellow (*facepalm*). And I didn't find the exact same stamping image, but you can see the inspiration! I used an (apparently) thermal polish from BPS, Kruidvat (a drugstore chain that recently started to produce their own nail polishes) "Spring Papaya" and Essence "Cotton Candy Love", which is much more lilac-leaning IRL. I stamped with BP-L60 and KADS white stamping polish and sealed it in with matte top coat.

Despite not being an exact replica, I was very happy with this mani, it matched the summer vibe outside perfectly!

Here's a collage of all our manicures and you can check them all out by following the IG hashtag #awholelottarecreationsfordiana.

Happy birthday Diana!

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