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Sunday, June 13, 2021

Hup, Holland, Hup! - European Football Championship 2021

Hello lovelies!

We're playing our first game in the European Football Championship of 2021 as I'm writing this and I'm stoked! We're playing against Ukraine. Usually football doesn't interest me much, but during international championships I'm suddenly an enormous fan. Funny how that works! So here's my mani in support of our team:

Our national colour is orange and our flag is red-white-blue, so there you have it! I painted my thumb, index and middle fingers with Bourjois "Diablo Orange" and stamped my ring and pinky fingers with KADS Geometry 016 and KADS stamping polishes over my nude nails. I sealed it in with Seche Vite.

Well we're not even ten minutes into the game and already had some nice opportunities, so let's hope that bodes well for us!


  1. Gorgeous mani for the team :-D

    Not really following it but hope that Danish guy is okay after collapsing. Scotland played today and usual haha!

    1. Thank you!
      Fortunately he's doing much better. We were all so scared for him! I hope Scotland will do better during its next match!

    2. Yes I am so glad he is doing better. Finger crossed he is well enough to return.

      Haha not sure! They are playing England tonight :-O

    3. I just watched the match and from what I understand from the comments during the match, this 0-0 is a good outcome for Scotland! So well done!

    4. Yes everyone was happy with that result! :-D


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