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Wednesday, November 3, 2021

An oldie but goodie and a leafy accent

Hello lovelies!

Another simple but sparkly fall mani today with one of Ms. Sparkle's beauties - "Aries"! I've had this stunning flakie polish for more than five years and I recently stumbled upon it again - and it's still viable!

I painted two coats of "Aries" over base coat and then stamped a black line using Nicole Diary 104 and KADS black. Then I created a stamping decal with Born Pretty Autumn L002 and KADS black, green, brown and camel stamping polishes. I sealed it in with Seche Vite. The gaps between my cuticles and the polish are due to the fact that it took a few days before I could take pictures; it had been dreary and dull and rainy and my lightbox isn't all that good, so I waited for some good daylight.

Would you like for Ms. Sparkle to bring back this beauty to her collection? 

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