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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Born Pretty Store Stamping Plate M100

Hello lovelies!

More stamping today! This is's stamping plate M100, which has 4 very different designs!
I started with the floral design, because it is just too cute! I stamped over Essence "Candy Crush" topped with "Lovely, Maybe", with black from W7.

 Do I like this, or should I not have stamped over such a loud glitter combination? My opinion changes every second. I'd love to hear your opinion on the matter.

Next is the design with all the letters! Like stamping with print letters from the good ol'days! Lol! I used NYC "Picnic on the Lawn" to stamp over Essence "Love is in the Air", a lemon yellow pretty that is supposed to be all that next spring (according to some article that I read).

I also want to try the other designs on this plate! I have not yet had the chance, but I will share as soon as I do! 

The plate can be purchased here, and don't forget that you can get 10% discount and worldwide free shipping with code SXDQ10!


  1. I like this plate! I really need to beef up my stamping plate collection now that I kind of have the hang of it!

    1. :D They recently got a whole bunch of new ones at BPS, so you can shop to your heart's delight! ;)

  2. Stamping over glitter is a really delicate line for me. I feel like when I do it I have to make sure use a stamp and a stamping polish that won't get lost in the glitter. Tbh I couldn't make out the stamping on this until I saw your macro shot. It's pretty but it's one that you have to really look at to "get"... but then again I'm one of those who likes having to take a closer look. Love the lemon nails!

  3. Yeah, I think it did end up a bit busy over the glitter but I do the same thing all the time!! I just can't resist leaving a pretty polish alone, haha!

  4. Nice! I really love Born Pretty Stamping plates. :)

  5. Oh how cool! I like your mani with the letters! Fun!

  6. I think these are absolutely adorable! I love that flower stamp. Glad BPS is making some good plates!

  7. Cute manis and I love that plate! I'm so excited about the new plates that BPS has released...they look totally awesome!

  8. I like that flower design, but I'd love to see a mani with those wacky dots!

  9. Oh, this looks like a cute plate! I really like the stamping over the glitter but I like crazy designs so its totally up my alley haha. The type stamp is cool too!

  10. I really like the images on this plate!!! I've been checking them out lately and they all look like I need them, haha!! Cute manis, I especially love the floral one!!


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