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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Ms. Sparkle BCA LE - Just Wear Your Piggies Pink!

Hello lovelies!

This post and the collection it features is dedicated to raising Breast Cancer Awareness. Breast cancer all affects us at one time, whether it hits you personally or someone in your immediate surroundings. Since October is BCA month, Ms. Sparkle released this LE of mini polishes dedicated to this cause!

This manicure features all three polishes, but let me show you swatches first! Let's start with "Juz Pink":

How crazy beautifully classy is this?! This champagne frosty polish has pink and purple undertones, super special! This is three coats, although for daily wear, two will suffice (macro photography is highly unforgiving). It applied easily and dried super fast. I topped it off with one coat of SV and it was good to go.

Next up is "Rose Red", a beautiful fuchsia polish with burgundy shimmer and little sparkles:

How super sexy is this?! Again, three coats for photos, two for daily wear, topped off with top coat. Application was super easy and it dried fast. I love it.

Now I applied the last of the trio, "Frieda" over this lovely pink pretty, to make it even prettier! Look:

Ahhhh the splendor, this polish just makes everything so much more fun! It is a topper with all kinds of pink and white glitters, and holo fuchsia ribbons too! Why is it called "Frieda"? It is named after the creator's aunt, who battled breast cancer and survived. Let's look at it up close (like, a lot, because it's, like, totally awesome):

Now the ribbons did require some fishing, but it was well worth it. And look at the stars! They are just too awesome and represent all those warriors in their battle against cancer.

Here is a macro of the pretty over "Juz Pink", excuse the bubbling, it was the additional top coat that did that... I used a gel like top coat to smooth out the glitters, but I applied it too quickly and then it does this...

Does that not look awesome?! I am super happy with this collection and honoured that I got to swatch it! The polishes will be available tonight/tomorrow and will be $3.95 per bottle and $10 for the entire set! For every individual bottle sold, 1 dollar will go to a pink ribbon affiliated charity and for every set that will be $2.50. So buying these pretties will actually help others in their battle against breast cancer and help spread awareness of this awful disease. 

Thanks everybody for reading! Also, enter Ms. Sparkle's GIVEAWAY!

*These products were provided for review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. I love Rose Red! It's so pretty. Thanks for posting about this trio I'm off to purchase it right now.

  2. I'm not usually a frost/shimmer fan, but you made these look stunning! Nicely done :)

  3. I like the first glitter combo, I think they go together so well :). Not a fan of frost finish though.

  4. Ok, I just can't with the first polish, but the second two are nice! I love polish for a cause.

  5. So gorgeous!! OMG I love Rose Red and Frieda!!

  6. Rose Red and that glitter is awesome!

  7. Juz Pink and Rose Red are so pretty!

  8. That glitter is adorable! It looks so great over the other colors too :)

  9. I love Rose Red!!

  10. These polishes look great! Frieda is my favorite. It's nice to see that these polishes help the people who need it (:

  11. Rose Red is amazing! Those bow glitters are cute too!

  12. LOVE Rose Red! And that glitter! Ahh! Amazing!


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