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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Ms Sparkle Playtime Collection - Akira

Hello lovelies!
As promised, I present you "Akira", the second polish in this collection that Simone named after me <3 Click here to see "Lothwen" Akira is amazeballs, check it out:

"Akira" is a glitter topper with black and platinum leopard spots, yellow stars, neon green blacklight reactive hexes, purple micro glitter and big holo circles... It's an 80's party in a bottle and it's one of the most fun toppers I own, if not THE most fun!

I applied two coats of Akira over a white to purple gradient base. The black leopards did not require much fishing, the platinum ones however did, so weird! But that's a minor detail with a deliciously awesome payoff like this ;)
Ms. Sparkle "Lothwen" is part of the new "Playtime" collection and will be in the shop tonight!

What do you think of this polish and the leopard spot glitter in general? Do you like it better in a topper or in a crelly like "Lothwen"?


  1. This is another super fun polish!! I love how bright the glitters are (:

  2. This one is so fun and I love the gradient that you layered it over. I like how the leopard glitters really shine in this one.

  3. Heck yes! This is literally a party on your nails! Love!

  4. I think FUN is the best way to describe it! Wat is ie leuk!

  5. It's a really fun look over the gradient, I think I like this one better! :)

  6. What a fun topper!!! I love the leopard spot glitters!!


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