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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Born Pretty Rusty Red Metallic Stamping Polish

Hi lovelies!

I have another lovely metallic stamping polish to show you, a nice rusty red one

Again, this stamps really well. For this manicure I painted my index and pinkie with 2 coats of El Corazón Large Hologram - 423/506 and my middle and ring fingers with OPI "My Vampire Is Buff". I stamped over it with the rusty red and BP-L020. I sealed it in with a glossy top coat.

I also stamped it over blue, but I kinda failed, because as you know, I'm not much of a straight stamper... Also my peel-off base coat was trying to peel off prematurely on my pinky. Ignore, please, because I didn't have time to redo it, but wanted to show you the nice contrast of this polish with the blue!

I did a saran wrap mani with some blues, I forgot which, but they were from Essence. Then I stamped with BP-43.

Again, I'm impressed by the stamping abilities of this polish. It works great with super detailed images, like the lacy one that I showed here first. If you'd like to make one of those yours, go here and use coupon code SXDQ10 at checkout for 10% off all non-discounted items!

What do you think? How would you use this polish? Because I was not entirely impressed with what I did here...

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  1. These are such pretty designs. Great polish!

  2. I really like both designs that you did! This color paired over the blue though is especially lovely though!

  3. I love the honeycomb/fishnet nails. I'm kinda surprised it showed up as amazingly as it did over the blue. That is just lovely.

  4. I love your first mani. The stamping is just amazing ♡

  5. I really love those two lacy nails. I didn't think orange lace would work but it does!

  6. I love the pattern that you stamped rusty over nude!

  7. The combination of blues and the rusty stamping polish is amazing!

  8. Ohhh orange and blue look so good together! I never would of thought of that combination.

  9. that blue looks so delightfully deco!


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