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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Ms. Sparkle "Celebrate With Me" Duo!

Hi lovelies!

I hope you've all had a very merry Christmas! Simone from Ms. Sparkle sure did, she hit the 10K milestone on Instagram! To celebrate, she concocted a duo: "Celebrate With Me!". And it has cupcakes! Yes! Cupcakes!

The black one is "Out Of Space Cakes" and the white is "Cupcake Of My Unicorn". Let's have a closer look at those space cakes ;)

"Out Of Space Cakes" is a jet black jelly with loads of multichrome flakies, silver holo  hex and star glitter, and big holo cupcake glitter! This is two coats with some glitter placement. The big glitters always make a polish hungry, so I used some NPB glitter food and a coat of Seche Vite.

Its dreamy white counterpart is "Cupcake Of My Unicorn":

This creamy white crelly is full of just about everything! There's magenta microglitter, gold little and medium hexes, many colours of shard glitters, orange neon hexes and pastel pink and purple cupcakes! Shown here are two coats with glitter placement, NPB glitter food and SV.

Aren't they awesome?! I love the way they're completely the opposite of each other, but nicely tied together by the cupcakes :)
The duo will become available in 30 IG follows, so if you haven't become a follower yet, I suggest you do so immediately! All info is here:

Which one is your favourite? 

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  1. Cupcake of My Unicorn is so beautiful! I only wish I liked larger glitter pieces. LOL.

  2. These are lovely, but the cupcake glitter just isn't for me.

  3. They are the opposite and yet a match! Sort of a yin and yang!

  4. That's a lovely duo I love the glitter like clouds :)

  5. The names/finishes are so familiar. Beautiful, too. But I am gonna drive myself batty trying to think of what these remind me of.

  6. The glitters are a bit too large for me, but I do love the originality of the cupcake glitter!

  7. Cupcake glitters?! That's so cool!!

  8. These are such busy polishes - but they work so well with all the elements!

  9. These are soooo fun! I really like them, though I also love big glitter. :)

  10. Whaat, cupcake glitters? Too cool :)

  11. Lovely swatches! I like the black one, but cupcake of my unicorn is my favorite. What is nbp glitter food?

    1. Thank you! NPB stands for Nail Pattern Boldness, an indie brand. Glitter Food smoothes out the nail Polish.

  12. These nail polishes have a little too much going on for me personally to wear but I certainly do admire their appearance on yours :3


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