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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The Digit-al Dozen does Story Genres - Dystopian SciFi

Hello lovelies!

I like reading, but lately I can only handle the simple stuff. Dystopian science fiction is one of those things that I love, like The Hunger Games and Divergent. This manicure is inspired by the latter. Can you see what it is?

I based this mani on the tattoo which Tris gets when she's a member of Dauntless.

Three ravens, one for each family member she left behind.
I painted my ring finger with Ms. Sparkle "Now THIS is Unicorn 2.0" and then freehanded the birds with a detail brush from BPS. I sealed it in with SV.

On all nails except my ring finger I painted LynBDesigns "Quiet Dignity and Grace", which I smoothed out with NPB Glitter Food and then sealed in with SV. Look at that depth and sparkle, don't you love it?

Have you read Divergent? I really loved all four books. Do you have any other dystopian scifi suggestions for me?

Below you'll find the other ladies' creations of the day!


  1. These are really neat and I really like the polishes!

  2. The sparkle is real with this look. I love it.

  3. As soon as I saw it - I thought, that looks like Tris' tattoo! I love the polish you used! So pretty. I loved Divergent series too - but that ending in the last book ticked me off...I'm bitter.

  4. Love this mani! And both of the series books!

  5. That glittery black was the perfect polish to combine with this look.

  6. What a great use of that LynBDesigns! Love this mani.


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