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Friday, August 18, 2017

The Digit-al Dozen does Story Genres - Mythopoeia

Hello lovelies!

I must speak about a man. Not just any man, no, this man was a genius. He invented a whole new genre to put his own literary legacy in. Mythopoeia, the creation of myth. Thinking up not only a story, but a world, a history, languages, mythology, geology, geography... it's epic. The genius of whom I speak is of course J.R.R. Tolkien. 

The mythopoeic brilliance of his work is evidenced by the fact that I wrote my elven name in elvish on my nails here, in a 'one ring' fashion.

To get this look I started with a coat of Essie "Good as Gold", followed by a coat of Cirque "Reflektor". I then took black acrylic paint and this awesome new detail brush from bornprettystore. I chose the tiniest one, 5 mm, for the most precise work. And look at my manicure. Despite my always shaky hands, I did it, a manicure that I have been wanting to do for YEARS, I finally did it!

If you're in need of a good new detail brush, I highly recommend this one. It is pretty, it is sturdy and it works really well! And if you use discount coupon code SXDQ10 at checkout, you'll get 10% off of all non-discounted items!

That's all for this week, lovelies! It was so much fun...

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  1. So fancy! I love the base polish too!

  2. Perfect! Tolkien truly is a genius! I love that you chose a golden base and script!

  3. Wow you did an incredible job on this!

  4. This looks amazing! And your lettering blows my friggen mind, I guess I need that brush!


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