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Monday, June 16, 2014

1st Guest Post from Southern Sparkle Nail Art

Dear lovelies,

I'm very busy at the moment, working full time and now I have taken it upon me to also graduate from uni, since I had not done that yet. So as I'm writing my thesis, other lovely people will guest post on my behalf. Here's the first guest and she's my Twin Bestie, Samantha! Yes you read that correctly, the FIRST post! Since I do not have time to do twinsies with her, she has taken it upon herself to write 2 posts, in order to keep my blog going. She's the sweetest <3

Hello Lacquer Lovers!

While Lothwen studies, it's up to her buddies! Haha. It's me, Samantha, from Southern Sparkle Nail Art. Today I have an easy nail art look for you. If you spend an extra minute on a one color mani, you can achieve this super chic look!

For this look, I used Revlon's Expressionist double-side nail art polish in 350 Ulterior Motif. One side is a dark gray with a navyish-greenish shimmer, while the other side is a pink glitter with medium and small hex glitters.

I started off with two coats of the gray and then I added one coat of the glitter on the left side of my nail. I topped with top coat and I was finished!

This is such a versatile set of polishes, so if you can, go and grab one! I found mine in a clearance bin at K-Mart for $0.25! 
I'll see yall next time!

OMG Samantha I love it, it is so elegant! And despite it's simplicity it looks intricate. I must recreate this...  xoxo Lothwen

P.S. Yes I added those twinkles, it seemed fitting for the sparkly post ;)

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