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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Guest Post by Pobbynails!

Hello folks! 

This is Priscilla from pobbynails! A few weeks ago, I saw Lothwen's post on a Facebook nail community that she's looking for guest bloggers! So I contacted her and I made a new friend :). For a week or so I was wondering what to blog about. Wanted to do some swatches, but reckoned that it may be too plain. & snapped! What about a simple pictorial! :D So here we go!
Here's a simple petals manicure that I did!

The polishes that I've used are:
Re-fresh Mint -- China Glaze
WH01 - 3CE
Black Acrylic Paint

No doubt it's summer, but I've always believe that soft colours are for any time! So for those who aren't into bright and neon colours, there's no need to oblige to the majority. Your nails are pretty the way you'd like them to be! :)

The above pictorial pretty much said it all but it's always good to have some guide I guess? Here we go!

Step1: Get yourself ready with a base colour of your choice.

Steps 2 & 3: Use a thin nail art brush dipped with a little black acrylic paint / black nail polish, paint a few strokes of outlines for the petals. These strokes should be natural and light. I suggest using the very tip of your nail art brush to do this.

Step 3: It is okay if you make a little mistake just like the petal on the right flower in the 3rd picture. It will be covered up later!

Step 4: Fill in the petals by using a nail art brush. You can also use a dotting tool / flat end of a toothpick / bobby pin in a soft dabbing motion.

Step 5: This is optional. Dot a few dots in between the petals of different flowers.

Step 6: Last but not least, seal in your design with your favourite topcoat. Don't forget to seal the tip of your nails for a more lasting manicure!

I enjoyed doing and looking at this manicure as Re-fresh Mint is a really nice colour!

P.S.: Before I've decided to buy Re-fresh Mint from a destash, I went on google images to search for swatches of it & I thought that it would be a creamier shade of bright light green which I kinda like. When I got it, I was quite disappointed as it was nothing like the green swatches I see on google images! I am not a fan of green but I am one for creams. When I was choosing colours for this mani, I've decided to give this a shot and I AM REALLY IN LOVE WITH THIS COLOUR!

Okay. Back from digression. I really hope that you guys will like this look!
Meanwhile... HAPPY POLISHING! <3


Oh Priscilla, I adore this manicure! The design and the colours are amazing. And I love how you did a pictorial with it, I so appreciate that! Thank you so much <3


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