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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Incidental Twin "Portal"

Hi lovelies!

Today I want to show you a pretty top coat from Incidental Twin Lacquer, called "Portal". It refers to all magical portals that transport people and things from one location to the next, which typically happens in practically all fantasy and sci-fi stories ;)

This is one coat of Portal over Rimmel "Bestival Blue" from the Rita Ora collection. Look at that awesome colour shift from blue to pink! The shift is very pronounced in real life, but sometimes it was hard to capture with my camera...

The top coat was clearly inspired by something like this:

I also tried to put it over some nail art:

For this, I used a base of Essie "Blanc" and doodled on it with Incidental Twin's Squeeze Pop collection (all colours but the red flavour). Then I put one coat of "Portal" on top. It's hard to see the effect of the the top coat in these pictures. IRL it is quite strong under different angles! I tried to capture it in this awkward positioned pic:

But IRL the pink flash is super strong! And the microflakies do not seem orange IRL either...

What do you think of this top coat? I should really put it over black some day soon...


  1. Ooooh! I would love to see it over black. Over the blue it reminds me of Models Own Indian Ocean. Very lovely.

  2. I throw in a second vote for swatches over black!

  3. Loving the top coat and the nail art is perfection

  4. Oh my, that is super pretty over the blue!!

  5. Not loving it on the nail art but it's gorgeous on the blue polish! The photo you showed is something very similar to what I've imagined myself!

  6. Sparkly topper is sparkly <3! I'd love to see it over a dark base :).

  7. Your swatches are amazing. I love the nail art!


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