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Monday, September 14, 2015

Stamping with Ya Qin An Y007

Hello lovelies!

Quick post today. A while ago I had bought this cute stamping plate from Born Pretty Store, Ya Qin An Y007:

My base is Rimmel "Bestival Blue" with Incidental Twin "Portal". I stamped with white stamping polish from Laushine. Then I topped it off with SV and matte top coat from Gosh. 

What do you think of this simple skittlette?


  1. Love the base polish and the wavy pattern

  2. These are so cute!! The colors are great!

  3. it looks like something Cinderella would wear!

  4. Portal is gorgeous over Bestival Blue!! I love the stamping too!

  5. What a cute look! Somehow it reminds me of fresh laundry? Lol, but that's a good thing!

  6. That stamping set is definitely cute. I love the blue and white together because it is such a sea like colour matching with the wavy design to go with it!


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