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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Incidental Twin "Tell 'Em I Ain't Comin' Back" + BP77 stamping

Hi lovelies!

More Incidental Twin! Whoohoo! Did you see yesterday's post about "Gravity"? This is "Tell 'em I ain't coming back!" from the Firefly line :)

 This charcoal jelly is filled with gold and teal micro holo glitter that farts rainbows when hit with direct light. Breathtakingly beautiful, this shade is inspired by space. The more one looks into space, the more one will see, which is exactly what happens with this polish!

 I wore this to a job interview! I figured it was classy enough, but with the terrific sparkle it is anything but boring, which was what I wanted to convey ;)

 This is what it looks like after two days... Two days! Hardly any tip wear! The first day, I didn't have the proper lighting for taking pics, so I begged my nails to make it one more day... And they did! This is three very thin coats with top coat. Application is flawless with this one, everything levels out very well and needs only one coat of SV.

 So I decided to do a little stamping with BP-77 and Konad red stamping polish. A nice geometric, art-deco-ish pattern.

 This might fall into the catagory of non-traditional subtle stamping, lol!

So what do you think of the polish and the design?

If you like this polish, you can buy it here!


  1. Beautiful polish, did you get the job?

    1. Thank you! Not yet. It was an interview with a recruitment agency, they will now introduce me to the company they recruit for, so fingers crossed!

  2. I want a polish that farts rainbows haha!! Best description ever :P The polish really is gorgeous!

  3. Oh wow! This brand is fantastic. Each one you show by them gets better than the last. Stunning!

  4. This is such a gorgeous polish! Your 'grant me the Serenity' pic made me laugh :)

  5. I loooove how vampy the red stamping looks on top of it, gorgeous combination.

  6. O_O!!! Definitely adding this to my wishlist.

  7. Love the subtle stamping! I think it gives it a really interesting look.

  8. Oh wow, I love the shades in this nail polish. If I am honest it really does look like there is the universe and galaxy at our fingertips... if I had this on I wouldn't be coming back either!


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