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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Celestial Cosmetics "Hokulani" and "Poipu Sunset"

Hi lovelies!

I thought I'd spam you with intense beauty today, as the world has been showing us so much ugliness off late. I ordered these two amazing holos from Celestial Cosmetics, through the Hella Holo Customs Group: Hokulani and Poipu Sunset. They're inspired by Hawai'i. Let's have a look!

This coral peachy pink pretty with intense linear holo is "Poipu Sunset". It is opaque in two thin coats and flames with the fire of a thousand phoenixes! 

Poipu is a little town on the coast of Hawai'i, featuring many resorts and incredible sunsets, as evidenced by this picture that I threw together:

And suddenly we completely understand why this beauty is called "Poipu Sunset"!

Then there's "Hokulani", which means "heavenly star"...

Yes, you've seen me wear it before, with this easy Halloween nail art, but I wanted to show proper swatch photos! Hokulani is a bright purple linear holo blazing even more brightly than Poipu Sunset!

However, the reason I needed to have these babies, was because of how they look together...

I know, right?! So to complete the manicure, I added some Hawaiian flowers to the mix with BP-083:

That's it for today! Let me know what you think of all this :)


  1. That gradient...*swoon* The nail art stamping is just icing on the cake!

  2. The 2 shades by themself are lovely already, but the gradient O.o so good!

  3. Woah, that gradient and stamped look! The shades are both gorgeous, I esp. love the coral one!

  4. I love them together!! Looks so pretty!

  5. These are gorgeous! I love the gradient and the stamping just takes it over the edge.

  6. Oh my both polishes are beautiful! That gradient is absolutely stunning though!

  7. What a beautiful gradient! Both shades are gorgeous!

  8. The world has been so messed up of late, I am still glad it hasn't stopped you from doing what you do. I love the black stamping over the gradient. Looks brilliant x

  9. Hokulani looks so gorgeous! Like I'm drooling over here it's so beautiful.


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