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Friday, November 13, 2015

Incidental Twin "Dragons Must Fly"

Hi lovelies!

A little more indie love today with Incidental Twin's "Dragons Must Fly"! This polish is inspired by a book series I have never read: "Dragonriders of Pern". This polish has inspired me to go read it ;)

This beautiful green jelly is something I could happily drown in. It is on the sheer side though. The maker describes it as follows: "A mostly sheer green-blue like the Pern sky, more of a tiny than a color, with glitter for all the dragons--gold, bronze, brown, green and blue." Shown here are four coats with top coat. Four, you say? Worth it, I say. Alternatively you could always put it over a green base.

Now what's it like matte? Let's see it with some HEMA matte top coat:

It's pretty, but I prefer the glossy version, what with all the drowning I can do in that ;)

But let's spice it up a notch (not that this polish needs that, it is beautiful and foresty and magic, but still):

Vinyl action! This was done using Vinyl Quickies and Essence "Gold Fever" and "My Fortune Cookie". (Ah yeah when I started this mani, the sun was shining. When I photographed the swatches, the sun had disappeared behind a cloud. By the time I was done with the vinyls, rain was pouring and I did no longer have sufficient light for pics. I could squeeze out this macro but the rest was photographed in my lightbox.)

So what do you think of this polish? I lurve it ;) You can find it here and currently you can use discount coupon code "INSTASAVE" for a 20% discount! If you are curious to see more polishes of Incidental Twin, look here. And for more social media info:


  1. Gorgeous! I think it like it better matte. I love when a polish inspires you to start a series, that's how I came to love Harry Potter (yeah I'm super late to that party lol).

  2. I love the combo of color, the gold on the top of the tips really makes the difference :)

  3. Oh, this is a really lovely looking polish! It's a little sheer for my taste, so I'd probably layer it but I love those glitters!

  4. Your nail art over it turned out so festive and pretty! I definitely love the matte finish too.

  5. The matte top coat and nail art brings this polish alive!


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