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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Ms. Sparkle May Duo

Hi lovelies!

I have another stunning Birthstone/Star Sign duo from Ms. Sparkle for you today! I'm really excited about it, the polishes are absolutely gorgeous. They're inspired by emerald and taurus.

Let's start with Emerald:

Emerald is a fricking marvellous thing of green beauty. It is an emerald green shimmer full of ucc flakies and tons of holo! Absolutely unique. It applies wonderfully and is opaque in two thin coats. The holo is super bright in the sunlight, in daylight the flakies stand out more, look:

And matte they stand out even more!

I freaking love this poish! So versatile! Now onto the next, a sassy little Taurus!

Ahhhhhh this is the prettiest of pinks! It is super neon, super bright, full of red/pink/gold glass flecks and a nice handful of holo! Staring at this makes me super happy. It is easily applicable and opaque in two coats. I LOVE it. In the shade, the flecks come out more. But they are most prominent in artificial light, like when you're sitting on the couch in your living room at night, just gorgeous!

If you love these as much as I do, get going to Ms. Sparkle's web shop now! All her nail polishes are 5-free and vegan. And since she has new collections coming out quite regularly, go follow her on social media!

Which of the two is your favourite? I honestly can't pick between them, I'm in love with both of them! If you are interested in the previous monthly duos, check out April, March, February and January!

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  1. Definitely the pink stands out for me! Even though I'm a Taurus I'm not much of a green polish kinda gal.

  2. I haven't seen a polish inspired by Taurus before, and I love this one! As a Taurus I approve! ;)

  3. These polishes are both so rich! I love subtle flakes.

  4. Oh my goodness that emerald is GORGEOUS!


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