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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Incidental Twin "The Righteous Man" - Supernatural Season Finale Tribute!

Hello lovelies!

Tonight the season finale of Supernatural will air (Amara, Chuck, The Mark, what will happen?! Also, I WANT CAS BACK!). I only recently got hooked on this show, but it took me a disturbingly short time to catch up... that's how good this show is. Sami from Incidental Twin has of course know this for ages and she has created a couple of polishes in honour of it. The one I have is "The Righteous Man", inspired by our gorgeous Dean <3

This is three very thin coats of splendor, but you can get away with two normal ones. It applies very easily and dries fast. I sealed it in with two coats of SV, to smooth out those larger glitters properly. This polish is so interesting! You *think* it's a blue shimmer with silver, but it is actually black with a tealish blue shimmer and sparks of red hellfire. It is super pretty but also very cool!

I put a satin top coat over it, to see what happens:

And then I stamped some 'symbols' over it ;) They probably mean something, I mean, it looks like they have meaning, right?

What do you think of the design? And the polish? If you're a Dean-lover like me, this polish is kind of a must... So go here and get yours! All other info on Incidental Twin can be found here:


  1. The polish is beautiful but your stamping really brings the look together

  2. I'm loving the glitters in this polish - and your stamping is perfect!

  3. Oh wow I really like that stamping design! I have no idea what the symbol is for, but I like it!

  4. I love the blue shimmer and it is even more amazing with your nail art!

  5. I adore your stamping over this. The flashes of blue in this polish are beautiful!

  6. not reading any of the words here! I am a full season behind on Spn. :( The nails are lovely though.


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