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Friday, March 24, 2017

Friends on Friday - Flowers

Hi lovelies!

So there's been some prettifying again recently with two newbies! Let's start with one of those; one of my colleagues, who's never worn more than a subtle shimmer. I decided she needed purple holo in her life. She agreed:

I started with two coats of LynBDesigns "From Night To Day" and stamped with BC-19 and BPS black.

My other colleague, the nails of whom I have done before, needed something toned down, because she needed to attend a funeral. However, it also needed to be somewhat uplifting, so I decided on chic roses over a subtle holo:

I started with two coats of LynBDesigns "Defender of the Downtrodden" and stamped with BPS taupe stamping polish. On the pinky and index I placed some dots with a dotting tool.

The last mani here is from another newbie; I call her aunt, because although we're not related, we're family. Anyways, I had done her nails with indie glitter polish before, but never with stamping, so it was another one of those moments where the person undergoing the manicure is baffled by the ingenuity of nail art stamping. FUN!

I started with another LynBDesign's pretty - "Granger". Then I stamped with BPX-L014 and BPS white stamping polish. 

Which one of these is your favourites?


  1. I need to coerce more friends into letting me do their nails.

  2. That purple holo is amazing! I haven't done friends' nails in ages. I miss it!

  3. That nude mani is lovely! You did a great job on all of them though.


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