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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Ms. Sparkle Carnival Collection

Hi lovelies!

Ms. Sparkle's newest collection is inspired by Carnival, a very fascinating tradition that originated a few thousand years ago and is celebrated all over the world, particularly in Catholic regions.

Let's start with "Masquerade in Venice", a black jelly filled with unicorn flakies that shift from blue to green and purple and a lot of scatter holo:

It is opaque in two easy coats and smoothed out easily with one good layer of top coat. No fishing for the flakies is required, they are everywhere and fantastic!

I had no sunlight, so I used flash to bring out that holo!

And of course such flakies need mattifying...

Gorgeous, right? So let's all drown in this universe of awesomeness for a moment...

Next up is the lovely "Karmelle", inspired by the candy that is thrown into the crowds by people participating in Carnival Parades in Germany. 

It's a periwinkle purple jelly filled with holo micro flakes, ucc flakies shifting from orange/yellow/red/gold and unicorn flakes that shift from green/purple/blue/pink and orange shimmer. It's opaque in two coats. The abundance of flakies make it dry a bit gritty, so I recommend some NPB Glitter Food before applying glossy top coat.

...aaaaand matte!

Let's not forget about Rio de Janeiro! Here's "Queen in Rio":

This shifty little pretty is a multichrome that shifts from green/gold/
yellow/copper/brown, has a little bit of holo and orange/gold/greenish unicorn flakies. It's opaque in two easy coats and only needs a thin layer of top coat to bring out the sparkle! 

And last, but certainly not least "Shipment of Fools", a hydro green crelly with a pink shift, holo micro flakies, and ucc flakies that shift from green to pink.

Two easy coats and a little top coat is all you need to bring out this beauty! 

The name reminded me of the famous painting...
"Ship of Fools" by Hieronymus Bosch, which may have been inspired by early Dutch Carnival Brotherhoods (source)

And then, of course, matte :) 

The collection is currently available for pre-order! It is all hand-blended, 5-free and cruelty free, so take a stroll in her shop!


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