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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Incidental Twin "Stranger Things" line

Hello lovelies!

So if you have Netflix, you've probably seen Stranger Things and if you haven't, you seriously have to see it. Being a child of the 80's, I truly appreciate the way this show incorporates the 80's vibe, the adventure movie feel, the typical teenage drama and the suspense, all with awesome special effects and a strong story line. The lovely Sami from Incidental Twin created some polishes celebrating this wonderful tv show and I have two of them to show you today!

The Upside-Down

This is "The Underneath", otherwise known as The Upside-Down, the underworldly parallel dimension which Eleven can connect to. It's a beautiful strange dark blue-grey shimmer with floating motes of silver and blue flakes. It applies easily and is opaque in only two coats. It's exactly like it is in the show. Sami nailed it!

This called for some strange stamping, so I grabbed Rimmel "Pedal to the Medal" by Rita Ora, which I picked up recently at a discount, because I was curious about it's stamping properties. I'm not disappointed, it stamps beautifully!

The plate I used it BPX-L020. It's a good plate, I've used it before.

Next up is "Pretty?". This polish is spot on. From the shade of the dress to the little sparkles sewn onto it and the bloodspatter from her nosebleed. This polish is sweet and fierce at the same time, like Eleven. Looks great while eating Eggo waffles, to put it in Sami's words.

This sweet delicate peachy pink polish has a beautiful shimmer, is scattered with holographic particles and little bright red hexes are strewn about, as is Incidental Twin's signature glitter distribution ;) Shown here is two coats over undies, to increase opacity. It applies easily, although the glitters need some placing, due to being sparse. Look at the beautiful sparkle in the sunlight!


I stamped it with a little more red, a deep red BPS stamping polish, finally one that is actually opaque! I've tried a few over time, you see, from Konad even, and they've all been disappointing.

I used stamping plate BP-046 and sealed it in with top coat. Somehow I had trouble with this image, it did not transfer onto my nails all too easily. But it's still ok. 

If you're as big a fan as I am, you're gonna wanna get your hands on these! And if you're not a fan, you're still gonna want them, because they're beautiful! So take a look in Sami's shop and support her on Social Media!



  1. Gah, I need to get around to watching this show already! The Underneath is really pretty!

  2. The effect on the first mani is very mysterious!

  3. Never heard about the show, will definitely check it.
    The blue and silver mani looks great, I love that pattern. Your nails are soooo long!

  4. Loving the first stamping you did!

  5. I don't have Netflix so I haven't seen this show but I've heard a lot about it! I really love Pretty? It's so unusual! I also love Born Pretty stamping polishes they are great and I wish I had them all!


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