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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Beauty Big Bang Fuchsia Metallic

Hi lovelies!

Beauty Big Bang sent me a stunning polish to review, a fuchsia metallic polish. It is so pretty!

This comes with a special base coat that accentuates the mirror effect. I applied one coat of base coat and then two coats of polish. I did not apply top coat, to maintain the effect. The polish applied easily and is very opaque. Brush strokes are a minor issue, but most of them level out. The irregularity on my nail below is not the polish, it's my damaged nail.

It's so shiny! I decided to matte stamp over it:

I stamped using BPS baby pink and BP-020.

This polish is available in many shades at for around $5. And if you use discount coupon code LOTH10, you'll get a 10% discount on all items!

Do you love mirror polishes too?

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  1. Wow the effect is very strong! I like the final stamping! Smuack


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