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Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Digit-al Dozen does Story Genres - Mythology

Hi lovelies!

One of my favourite story genres, mythology, is of course great inspiration for all kinds of nail art! I chose this particular design, because I had this awesome stamping plate lying around and I have been wanting to use it for ages. So here's Asian mythology for you.  I based my manicure on no particular myth, but looking at it, it feels like there is a story.

I cooked up this mani as I went. I started with a white base and stamped with Harunouta L042, which is currently not available at BPS... I looked around, but it seems to have sold out everywhere. Strange. Anyways, I stamped with BPS black and then took out a whole bunch of jellies (Incidental Twin, Essie and P2) and a detail brush and went nuts! I sealed it in with SV.

I hope you like it! Now have a look at the other ladies 4th day manis in the links below!


  1. That is absolutely gorgeous! And your photos are killer! I wish my pics looked that good!

  2. DANG! This is stunning! Bright, with a story, this plate is amazing!

  3. I wish I knew the story behind this. It's stunning.

  4. This is beautiful! I just saw your blog, you do great mani!!

  5. Oh wow, these are incredible, Lothwen! You should use this technique more often, your results are amazing!


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