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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Friends on Friday - Got the blues

Hi lovelies!

Did some of my friends' nails again.. All blue ones!

My friend saw my stripy nails and requested something similar in blue. I started with Sinful Colors "Why Not" and then stamped with P2 "Royal Residence" and QA98. Then I took hēhē 003 and created some star decals with BPS white and P2 "Royal Residence". I sealed it in with SV. Here's our stripy manis!

My friend/colleague requested some navy nails. I used Sephora navy blue and stamped with Konad #42 and hēhē 036

Here I kinda went nuts with the dry marble for this friend! I used LynBDesigns Neon Dreams "Liquid Blue", "Searing Lemon" and "Green Essence" and some Sinful Colors "Why Not".

That's it! I hope you enjoyed these blue manicures!

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