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Friday, July 3, 2015

Friends on Friday - Decals & Doodles

Hello lovelies!

Did my friend's and my sister's nails :) Let's start with my sister, for whom I used BPS decals that I have previously showed you; I just knew she was going to love them!

I decided to mix and match with an indie polish and I opted for the gorgeous black glitter jelly with tons of holo goodness from LynBDesigns "Start With The Riding Crop". The decals are again placed over a white base.

I really loved how funky and flashy this came out! Oh and yeah, I'm trying to teach my sister how to do hand poses.. They're hard, I'm still working on mine!

Now for a super happy mani on my friend! 

I stamped over Joss "Flash Diamond" with BP-L004 Kaleidoscope stamping plate from and black stamping polish. Then I used the Essie Summer Neon 2014 collection to paint some of the pieces. It came out really colourful, I hope it wasn't too much. At the time, I was just really feeling like holo, stamping and loads of colours!

What do you think? Which mani would you rather wear?


  1. Both manicures are gorgeous!! I love the bright colors you used in the second one (:

  2. Both are fantastic! The second mani is so summer and I love the splashes of colour, but the first mani is just so cool! Love them both x

  3. I really like the 2nd one. Like funky stained glass. ^_^

  4. The decals are pretty but I LOVE the kaleidoscope stamping!

  5. Both manicure are great but I like the geometric pattern one the best.

  6. Love both of these! I can't believe you just coloured over the stamping design in the second look - your colouring is so great it looks more like decals! And I looove those decals from the first mani!


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