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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Ms. Sparkle Lotion Bars

Hello lovelies!

The lovely Simone of Ms. Sparkle indie polish will soon present a new addition to her range of nail polish and nail art products: lotion bars!

This little bar of delicious smells and feels has the prettiest form of a rose! And it smells like roses and bamboo, very flowery, but fresh. It melts on your skin, application is therefore easy, as if it was a bar of soap!

This pretty comes in its own little plastic container, so it's easy to store or even to take with you! It would also be a super cute gift to your friends, because of its pretty rosy presentation.

The bar consists of shea butter, organic extra virgin coconut oil, 100% organic beeswax, vitamin E and essential bamboo oils.

Ms. Sparkle also makes bigger bars and even tinier heart-shaped bars, which are great for goody bags and what not. Keep updated by following her on instagram!

Do you own any lotion bars? Do you prefer bars to cremes? 


  1. Interesting! I've actually never heard of lotion bars! The rose image used for this is really pretty, and it sounds like it smells divine. :)

  2. I've never tried a lotion bar before. It seems like a cool product though!

  3. Oh my goodness how cool! I've always wanted to try a lotion bar. I'm afraid these would melt on their way to me, though... may have to wait until Winter.


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