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Monday, July 20, 2015

Incidental Twin Lacquer "Levi-O-sa!"

Hi lovelies!

I have another amazing polish from Incidental Twin lacquer for you today, right out of my favourite fandom: Harry Potter! Ages ago, I showed you "Polyjuice Potion", and today I have "Levi-O-sa!".

This gorgeous blue jelly is full of gold holo glitter. In the shade, the amount of gold glitter gives it a teal-ish hue, which is so beautiful. And in the sunlight, it sparkles like mad. The blue-gold combo is just gorgeous.

This is three thin coats of "Levi-O-sa!", which applied super easily and left me hardly any clean-up. Perfection. I topped it with a coat of Seche Vite and done!

Now this wouldn't be a proper ode to Harry Potter, without a little HP nail art! So I took out some nail vinyls and some stamping plates:

The nail vinyls are shown on my middle and ring finger. They are from Neverland Lacquers. Awesomeeeee!!! The stamping was done with BPS gold stamping polish and fake Hèhè stamping plates. I bought fakes ones by accident. The real ones are sold here and they seem much better etched than the fake ones, so I would recommend those. I will probably buy the real ones when I've saved up enough and am off my no-buy. For the time being, I'll have to do with these. 

I love this polish so much! And I really enjoyed the nail art, too! I was sad when it started chipping... What do you think of this nail art? Did you ever buy a fake product by accident?

Now go to Samantha's pages and check out her creations! And if you didn't see them yet, check out her Hobbit polish and here 12 Monkeys polish, which I recently reviewed!

Also, Hermoine is THA BOMB! ;)

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  1. Adding another to my wish list!

  2. That polish is beautiful!! The nail art is making me want to have a Harry Potter movie marathon haha!

  3. HP forever! I love this! I can't resist when nail polish and books collide.

  4. This polish is so gorgeous and I love the HP nail art you added!

  5. Deep sparkles like these are always a yes for me!

  6. I even had no idea there were fake Hehe plates! Go figure.
    This polish is fantastic and I love how you combined the colour with gold, such a great match!

  7. I saw your mani posted on Facebook and immediately fell in love with it. So cute and all that sparkle is to die for.

  8. I love that you added the Harry Potter stamping to this manicure! Seriously perfect. :P This polish is totally gorgeous and worthy of being a HP polish. :D

  9. Gorgeous! I laughed as soon as I saw the name. For some reason that line always cracks me up. :3

  10. Oh my gosh this is so deep and gorgeous! I'm in love! And your stamping is perfection added to an already awesome mani. :)


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