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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Incidental Twin "The Time Traveler"

Hello lovelies!

And now for something over which I'm fangirling! A 12 Monkeys inspired polish by Incidental Twin Nail Lacquer! Not only inspired by one of my favourite shows, it's also inspired by my favourite character from the show, on whom I'm secretly crushing... Cole! 

Ain't he beautiful?! And so is The Time Traveler...

Samantha, the maker, puts it so well, I'm just going to cite her:
"For Cole, we have The Time Traveler, a dark blue with A LOT of blue sparkle (especially in low or indirect light) for the Machine's blue light, and gunmetal glitter for all those bullets, and gold holographic microglitter for his good heart."

I feel that the holo also represents the sparks of hope that Cole brings to humanity. This is three coats with one coat of Seche Vite. No application issues whatsoever; besides it being on the sheer side, it applies easily and dries fast. I feel it would also be a wonderful topper over black. 

Also, despite the brooding stare, he has a little heart and he can be totally stupid sometimes. (Well duh, he's still a guy!)

I love this polish, it is exactly right for Cole! I'm a little jealous of Cassie... 

Now if you want to review some polishes dedicated to your favourite fandom, I'm pretty sure that Samantha has them. You can order a blogger pack for cheap! And if you want to buy this one, which I highly recommend, you can find it here. And here is everything else you'd wanna know!

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Oh, and may you all wake up to a sweetheart like this tomorrow!


  1. This is such a pretty polish! I've never heard of this tv show, but I think I need to go start watching it now....haha (:

  2. I've never seen anything like this polish - it looks so dark and mysterious!

  3. I love this shade along with the glitter! So gorgeous!

  4. Gorgeous polish!! I've never heard of this show either. :3

  5. Nice! Never heard of this show before, I feel out of the loop! Haha


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