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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Neon on! - pt. 2

Hi lovelies!

I'm continuing to neon on with two orange/coral manis today!

I used LynBDesigns "Derpy Coral", which IRL is much more coral than in the pictures! The stamping plate is hēhē 073 and I used "In the Pink" for the pink :) The white base is Ms. Sparkle "Now THIS is Unicorn 2.0". I sealed it all in with SV.

And now for some simple stamping:

I used the wonderful Moyou Time Traveler "Back to the 70s" #3 and Colour Alike "B. A Cozy Blanket". 

Oh I love this design. I have already used this image twice (I'll show you the other later). Which one do you prefer?


  1. I love your double stamping! This look is truly gorgeous!

  2. I thought I was in love with the first look (and very envious 'cause I just can't do it) but I actually adore the second one! The colours and the simple easy geometrical stamping just had me!

  3. Both of these looks are so much fun! Derpy Coral is perfection on you!

  4. That first mani with the b&w houndstooth is amazing!


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