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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Tropical Thank-You Mani for Wendy

Hi lovelies!

Today, the ladies of Facebook Group The Real Nail Addicts want to thank the leader Wendy for all her hard work in the group. Wendy is a spunky fun lady who keeps the group alive and organises fun giveaways with awesome winner reveal-videos. Her favourite colour is green, so we all did green manicures! 

I started with a base of Glam Polish "Hypnotize" from the Cast A Spell Collection (pt. 3) and stamped with BP-L076. I used three different greens, randomly blobbed on the image: BPS green, BPS other green and Colour Alike "B. A Cozy Blanket". Then I  stamped the flowers with Ya Qin An #22. I sealed it all in with SV.

Thank you Wendy!


  1. Teal/green & dark pink is always a great combo and you nailed it. The 3 greens in your stamp add interest without overpowering the base -- Love!!

  2. Oh, this is so sweet and kind)
    And your manicure is adorable)

  3. Dang it girl, this mani makes me want to be in Hawaii!

  4. Aw, I love that you guys did manis for her! That's so sweet!!

  5. Ohh wow, I love the whole idea of this mani!

  6. Such a pretty combo and a nice thing to do for your friend Wendy x


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