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Friday, September 22, 2017

Neon on! - pt. 3

Hi lovelies!

Despite the fact that autumn has officially started, I'm still neon-ing on with LynBDesigns' Neon Dream collection!

I created a diagonal gradient with "In the Pink", "Graphic Grape" and "Liquid Blue". Then I stamped with hēhē 03 and BPS white. It was a little tricky getting those lines straight.. Oh well! 

And later I did a simple neon blue mani, with a little paisley, because I can:

I used "Liquid Blue" again and reverse stamped with BPS teal stamping polish, Harunouta L-020, the blue and "Searing Lemon". I sealed it all in with SV. 

Gosh, I love paisley so much! Which one of these manis is your favourite?


  1. The first manicure reminds me of cotton candy! And the diagonal stamping of vet the diagonal gradient is awesome.

  2. Both of these are so good! I agree with Michelle, that first one definitely gives me a cotton candy vibe!


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