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Thursday, September 14, 2017

The Digit-al Dozen's 5 Birthday - Under The Sea Party

Hello lovelies!

Tonight it's going to be an Under The Sea Party for The Digit-al Dozen's 5th birthday!

I started with a base of the wonderful dark teal holo "Anniversary" by My Indie Polish. I then stamped with Colour Alike "B. A Cozy Blanket" and Harunouta L012. Then I took Essie "No Place Like Chrome" and the same stamping plate and stamped on some sea creatures. I drew on some extra bubbles here and there with a detail brush. I sealed it all in with SV.

What do think? Do you have this plate? Now let's see what the other ladies did for their 4th 5th birthday celebration in the links below!


  1. Under the sea party?! Sounds like a "shell" of a good time! hahahaha, sorry, I couldn't help myself. I really love the silver stamping - the little turtles and octopus are adorable!

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these! Anything sea/ocean related I love! These are adorable!

  3. I love anything blue and anything nautical/sea related so I can't but adore this mani!

  4. Oh I love this so much! The seahorse and the octopus especially!

  5. I love that you used a base called "Anniversary" for this mani. :) Fitting!


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