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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Captain Sparrow's Party Boat

Sometimes, the main reason for buying a polish, is its name. And even though the lead role in this mani is a gorgeous colour, the name is even better. It's Catrice "Captain Sparrow's Boat". My Lieutenant and I found it during a shopping spree for 50ct discount polishes at a local drugstore. I think I was squeeing in the store, people must've thought I was losing it (and for a short moment, I probably was!)

One of my friends from highschool and I are super duper Pirates' fans, and I must admit that we have reenacted some scenes from the first movie more than once. I therefore kept the polish for one of our girls' nights out. And yesterday was the day (yay!)

The result is here:

Captain Sparrow's Party Boat

I decided to tape some V-gaps. The pink is Bourjois "Fuchsia Bucolique" and the pewter metallic is Captain Sparrow's Boat. I added some rhinestones on her thumb and pinky.
We had a fun night out ;)

Lieutenant & Captain

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