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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Some Golden Oldies

We will now share some golden oldies :) If you have any questions regarding the design, please send an email or leave a comment and we will do our best to remember ;)

As you will see, many friends and family members happily volunteered their hands for our benefit, and we are endlessly grateful for that!

"Hoot hoot hoot, on my hand, not my foot!"
Based on the design of Let Them Have Polish. Saw it on facebook and had to immediately recreate it, so found one of our many sisters to be our victim. She loved it and created this pic for her instagram account and it got likes from strangers! The weirdest and most flattering phenomenon! Sort of made us think seriously about blogging...

Put a ribbon on it, with a flower on top 
One of our earliest designs (got it from YouTube a long, long time ago, but cannot find it anymore, so can't give credit). 
In fact, it is the first design The Captain ever tried on her Lieutenant (see upper pic), and the start of the tradition of a weekly mani :) 
The middle image is a friend who besides clear polish, never used to have anything on her nails! So we gave her some shock nail therapy and voilĂ ! Took her about a day, but then she got used to it and loved it. Her coworkers approved as well (so happy!). Since then, she bought some polishes herself! And every now and then, Captain gets to try a new design :) Very happy with this willing mani-victim!
The lower pic also refers to a case of shock therapy ;) This friend had only worn nail polish once, on her 16th birthday, but was willing to let me go crazy! So I went for green ;) It looked awesome with her beautiful skin tone!!

Blooming Blossoms
One of our sisters was willing to sit through the first time Captain tried a Cherry Blossom nail design. Captain liked it and repeated it many times, hence the lower pic, another willing victim and Captain's friend since she was 3. 

Plaided nails
 Aha! Based on Cutepolish' design. This was fun! And a lot of work. The base is Essence "Jacob's Protection" from the Twilight Breaking Dawn Part II collection. The metallic stripes are Essence's striper "Metallic Grape". 

 Spot on!
Just a lot of dots :) Rimmel "Coralicious" and "Sky High" for the bases and Rimmel "Mystic Jade", Essence "Alpha Better Gamma" and a plain white.

 My Mosaic's got the blues
Couldn't decide which of these blues to try first, so it became a mosaic, like the name of the glitter polish from W7. The blue is from Miss Sporty, it was a gift from my second cousin, a nail polish lover herself. She shared with me her favourite colour and I'm so happy! The dark blue shimmer is Essence's "Jacob's Protection" again. Finished it off with a glitter striper.

Juicy Marble
 One of our sister's hands again :) She wanted nothing too much, just a touch. The coral is Essence "What do u think?" The marbling was done using Robin Moses' marbling without water technique. So what do u think?

Golden retro
Ah a very very old one! Based the design on the colours of the blouse and the watch that are shown with it. 

We hope you enjoyed this long post! 

Lieutenant and Captain

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