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Monday, January 21, 2013

In the Jungle, the Swirly Jungle...

So here we both are, procrastinating on this snowy Monday, showing you Captain's second water marble ever, an all green one! 

Lieutenant came up with an appropriate name for this design, hence the title! I used Catrice "ACid/DC" and "After Eight" (the lightest and darkest green, respectively), NYC "High Line Green" and a bright dark green polish from HEMA. I topped it off with some matt topcoat from HEMA. You can get countless water marble tutorials on YouTube, to see how it's done. All you need is a plastic cup with water, a toothpick, some tape to prevent the polish from getting all over your finger, and nail polish! Preferably new, good liquid ones, they are the easiest to work with.

I first did this more than a year ago, with pink shades, which looked very candy-like:

So there you go! Hope you guys like it! Comments, suggestions and requests are highly welcome!

Lieutenant and Captain


  1. Soooo cool, never heard of marble water nail art, but youtube is very helpfull. Thanks for the tip!


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