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Friday, January 25, 2013

The Mani Crew

So Captain has been going crazy with the mani posts so far... I figure we could use a technical side to the whole whooptie-doo ;) Ladies and Gents, I give to you, the Nail Art Tools!

First off we have the "Ordinary Bobby Pin", known to appear in places throughout your everyday life when you need it the least, while cunningly absent any time your hair is in dire need of restraining. However, once you've captured and tamed this wild tweep, it will help you perform countless beginner designs, all by itself! It can be used as one of the most key members of your Mani Crew, a.k.a. The Dotting Tool.

You can also obtain a more professional looking one for better grip, comfort, and control, much like the once Captain has acquired. Also nice when you have different ball size ends, as shown in the picture, but not entirely necessary. Quite handy when handling tiny stones to embed with finishing touches of designs as well.

Next we have the "Pointy Brush", which was made from a short haired regular art brush, and trimmed as to make it as pointy as possible.

A handy nail polish to have, by the way, is the Stripers. As in, "stripes". Not "strippers" as in girls going nude (sorry guys). But these sexy polishes come with an ultra thin brush, which will assist you in making the meanest, thinnest lines you need. Recommended in basic colors especially, like black or white.

For the microscopic dots you want in your design, we call to our hero, the "Toothpick". Brought to you in it's warm woody texture. Go trees!

Another handy group is the pill strips, otherwise known as the "Meds Beds". Mix and match colors as necessary without wasting your preciously beautiful nail polish; it's just like a miniature art pallet!

You will always come across tough scrubs in the world of manis. Q-tips will save your day! Cheap, yet handy these little "Q-ties" are; just soak up a bit of nail polish remover into the cotton to get the tiny-but-visible-and-thus-bothersome polish residue from the edges of your nails. A sophisticated version can be found in some drug stores, under the name of "nail polish corrector pencil"....

And last but not least, the "Virgin Cutting Board". Nope, its never been or will be touch by any knives, but will stay immaculately scratch-less as it is who keeps the game on stable grounds. Use this as a working table, and you will not have to worry about messes, or even not having a desk to work on --- this IS the desk!

Well, hope you enjoyed some technical tips in this section. After all, it is a DIY-ish blog ;)
This was the Mani Crew, brought to you by Manis and Makeovers.
Thanks for visiting :) Over and out!

xoxoxo Lieutenant & Captain

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