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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Franken your own polish with BornPrettyStore!

Hello lovelies!

I made this glitter polish myself (!) using glitter and mixing balls from! What do you think? You can now order glitter that is enough for a small, 4-7 ml nail polish bottle and add some mixing balls for it to work. Here's what you start with:

A small bottle of sheer nail polish, glitter (this is number 5) and mixing balls. Basically, you add the glitter to the polish, steer it a bit with a toothpick and then you add one or two mixing balls. Shakey shakey shakey and done!
With the mixing balls in there, it is all mixed up in a jiffy. Look at the two happily sitting there at the bottom!
The microglitter that you see here, was already in the nail polish, btw. I thought it would be pretty ;) Of course you can use clear nail polish, or a coloured jelly or even a sheer creme, to mix up a crelly! The nail art possibilities are endless :D Now I swatched it as a gradient over NYC Lexington Yellow:

And it also looks great over blue and green, as you can see on my friends here:

The blue is Bourjois "Blue no Blues" and the green is Essence "L.O.L.". So which colour combo do you like most? Now go to Born Pretty Store and get worldwide free shipping and 10% discount on your entire order with code SXDQ10:

*Provided for review - all opinions are my own


  1. Das Design sieht super aus <3
    Der Topper ist hübsch <3
    Liebe Grüße

  2. Oh man that is so awesome. I love that BPS is offering stuff like this now. ^_^

  3. i love the combinations u used

  4. Love that! I wished they started carrying suspension base, too. Maybe sometimes soon!

  5. Super pretty, and I love it over the yellow!


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