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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

OPI Push and Shove nail art attempt

Hello lovelies,

I'm here again for a little. I had a party, so I required party nails. I decided to get my OPI "Push and Shove" from the Gwen Stefani collection finally out of the box and paint my nails with it. You probably read all kinds of reviews on this one, and know by now that you have to (HAVE TO) use the complimentary base coat "Lay Down That Base" first. So there I went:

It is a wondrous sort of polish though. It dries to a chrome finish, ultra ultra thin, even though I laid it on thick ;) And it does not work over other polishes (look at the stripe on the black). The stripes were achieved with tape, by the way. This was also tricky, as on my pinky, it took away half the polish. Sigh. Luckily that could be fixed by painting over it.

Although it emphasizes alllll your flaws, nail wise, it is spectacular nonetheless. People at the party took notice. And by the end of the night, it had happily chipped away, as promised by the package. So I took it off. It was difficult, but it was worth it :)


  1. You really don't HAVE to use the basecoat. Skipping basecoat works the same and Orly's Bonder works *almost* just as good, too. ;) Loving the stripes, btw. Very cool.

    1. You mean using no basecoat at all? Hmm ok I will have to purchase orly bonder then somewhere online, it's not regularly available here. Thanks for the tip :D



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