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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Triplet Nails - Cats

Hello lovelies!

OK first of all, I kinda totally took the easy way out on this one, I just did not have time for proper nail art. The theme was animals this month and our class was mammals. So we had tooooo many options and hence decided on pets. And then we all had cats, so we settled on cats ;) OK I don't actually have a cat, but my parents do, so it counts ;) Here are my nails. 

OK so 'cats' do appear thrice in this mani. First and most obviously in the charm from ebay. But second of all, the polish I used is LynBDesigns "Cheshire Grin" from the Alice in Wonderland collection and as you all know, that's based on that nasty cat in there! At least I remember it to be nasty. It's been a while since I saw it.. but that cat sure creeped me out! To show my best intentions, I added some cat paws. Now all I have to do is take some sunlight pics tomorrow, and show you the beauty of this pretty ;) And please ignore that the charm has slipped down. It's stuck now. Nothing to be done. I'll add more pics tomorrow!

No sunshine the next day :(


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