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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Ms Sparkle On The Go-Lish pt.2 - Neon!

Hello lovelies,

As I announced earlier, I have some neon polishes from Ms Sparkle to show you! They are part of the On The Go-Lish collection, a collection of mini polishes on a key chain, perfect for on-the-go! I showed you a glitter topper earlier, "Outer Space". Here are 3 more!

Ain't they pretty! OK a more close-up look. Let's start with "I see you, baby", a neon yellow with neon green (blacklight reactive) hexagons and iridescent glitter. Unfortunately, my blacklight has not yet arrived, so I can't show you. Hopefully soon, though!

I love this one, it is one of my favourites from the collection! The yellow is just perfect, it looks amazing in summer :) This is swatched over white, to make the colour pop and reach opacity easily. The polish is very well pigmented, two coats over white are good. The polish dries fast. The accent nail was done with studs from bornprettystore, which you can get with 34% discount and 10% discount on the entire order with coupon code SXDQ10.

This neon pink is called "Mary Go Wild" and it's so wildly neon, my camera had a hard time with it! In the bottle, it looks orange, but it actually is pink, very very pink. This is again 2-3 coats over white. This polish did not even out as easily, so on some nails I needed 3 coats. It is super happy and sparkly, with its silver holo glitters!

This baby is "But I Feel Good!", a venomous green jelly with lemon tree holo glitters. It reminds me of poisonous frogs in the amazon, I love it! The dark spots are where the pigment did not dissolve properly in the suspension fluid. Don't worry, Ms Sparkle noticed even before I did and immediately worked out the problem; the pigment needs to be dissolved in ethanol before mixing it with the suspension fluid. So no worries when purchasing, you will get a newly mixed polish! This is also 2 coats over white, it applied very well. 

I will show you the last two polishes later this week! For more info on Ms Sparkle polishes, go:


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