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Friday, April 24, 2015

Friends on Friday - Skittle Stamping

Yo yo yo lovely ladies!

Happy Friday! And I finally have a new Friends on Friday post for you guys :) I used my friend's nails to do a black and blue skittle with 10 different stamping images, whoohoooo! That was fun ;)

The base colour here is Sinful Colors "Black on Black" and the stamping was done with Bourjois "Blue No Blues". I used a bunch of stamping plates, including BP19BP20, and QA97. Then I topped it all off with SV and some matte top coat from Gosh :)

So what do you think? Would you wear this, or is it too much?

Happy weekend!!


  1. I would totally wear that! It looks amazing and even with the different patterns, keeping the same colors (and mattifying) makes it not too much at all.

  2. Teehee! I definitely dig it and would totally wear this look!

  3. Oh that's a fun idea, I never thought of doing something like this. The use of the same colors makes it cohesive even though the images are different.

  4. Love this!! And that blue is so perfect for stamping!! Great mani :)

  5. Very cute, I never would have thought to try different stamps like a skittle, but I like it.

  6. This look so gorgeous, the matte really makes the stamping look beautiful. I actually love how each nail is different, I never thought about doing something like that.

  7. I love love love this! Clearly I need that blue, it stamps amazingly. Clearly I need your stamping skills, too! :)


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