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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Stamping with BP-18 from Born Pretty Store!

Hi lovelies!

I did some awesome stamping on my sister and then some failing stamping on myself, so let's start with the good stuff! I used stamping plate BP-18 for this.

I personally love the way this turned out. I used a base of Joss "Flash Diamond" and then stamped with Essence black stamping polish. 

I tried to do an entirely different look on my own nails, but I didn't get it to photograph well in the lightbox, so it doesn't look good. Let's show it anyways:

My base is Rimmel "Pillow Talk" and I did saran wrap marbling with "Breakfast in Bed". The saran wrapping is totally invisible though! Then I stamped with Laushine white stamping polish. I tried to go for a nice breezy look with the feathers, but I like my sister's mani way better!

The stamping plate is great, I really want to try the other images on it. So expect to see that in the near future! In the meantime, if you want to pick it up, you can find it here and with the discount coupon code SXDQ10 you will get a 10% discount on your entire order!

And let's end with another shot of my sister's hand, with the kitty cat on the background ;)


  1. These turned out beautiful! Love the holo!

  2. The feathers mani looks so gorgeous!

  3. I like both the looks - totally on the opposite ends of the spectrum, but both gorgeous!

  4. I actually like both looks, but the color scheme on the feather manicure really caught my eye. It is a light and airy look that is perfect for spring. I can understand your frustration with the marbling effect not showing up. I've had more than one manicure ruined because the colors I chose were too close or my stamping was way too subtle.

  5. I absolutely adore that airy look you did with the feathers!

  6. So beautiful!! I like them both! ^_^

  7. Both are beautiful looks! The blue is just more subtle. I gotta say though - that holo and black mani is to die for :)

  8. I love both of these! I wonder if I own this plate, hmmm... If not I think I need to get it!

  9. I swear I copied you unintentionally! OMG I feel so guilty haha, I had completely missed this mani and made it the exactly same one. I hardly believe it, I am so sorry!!

    1. No no no, don't be sorry! I just thought it was hilarious! Since you did not mention me in your post, I assumed it was a really funny coincidence, so I found it really cool!


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