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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Ms. Sparkle "Tassels" and BP-10 stamping

Happy weekend, lovelies!

To conclude the week that I dedicated to Ms. Sparkle, I want to show you a gorgeous duochrome that I bought a while ago. It's from the Burlesque Collection, of which I swatched 2 polishes a while ago. I really felt I needed this one, "Tassels", too. And then I needed to stamp over it really badly.

OK but first, let's have a look at "Tassels" by itself, a green shifting to blue and gold and a mysteriously different colour every time you look at it.

This is two coats over black, although you can totally get away with just 1, the effect will be a little less, but still very visible! It applies super easily and sparkles so much! 

Then I stamped with's BP-10, a beautiful stamping plate with a big paisley design and some starfishes and more! 

I love stamping over duo- and multichromes... The effect is just magical!

If you want to pick up this stamping plate, wait until 4/20 and pick up some new ones as well, because they will be on a huge discount that day! And use code SXDQ10 at checkout, to get 10% off your entire order (not on already discounted items, though)!

And if you want to pick up Tassels, check out Ms. Sparkle's Etsy!

What do you think of stamping over duo- and multichromes? Did you ever try it?


  1. I love how your stamping turned out, I have that plate too and I really love it! I also adore how Tassels looks over the black - it would be a great base for something dragon themed I think!

  2. I love the choice of plate and color! It is both subtle and rich.

  3. That is stunning!! I was actually thinking of stamping over the duochrome I have on now! ^_^

  4. Wooooooohoo! That is one stunning polish and mani!!

  5. This looks so good! The intricate patterning and the colour you chose makes it look very cultural for some reason, and I know these nails with earthly tones clothes would look brilliant.


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