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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Ms. Sparkle "Nyan Cat"

Hello lovelies!

Let's continue this week with with another pretty from Ms. Sparkle ;) This one is also based on a cat, lol! Meet Nyan Cat:

Nyan Cat is a crazy topper full of magenta circles, pink triangles, silver and grey hexes, silver shreds, grey cats and lots of silver holo microglitter! Yesssss!!! 

This is one carefully applied coat (to spread out the glitters and place the cats) over Rimmel "Breakfast in Bed". Of course this is one hungry topper, so I applied some NPB Glitter Food, before applying Seche Vite. I really want to wear again over another colour. Why did I choose this one? Because I was feeling springy and I love the way grey and pink look against the mint! 

This one and many more are available in Ms. Sparkle's etsy! And go follow her on facebook and instagram, because she sponsors many giveaways and you don't want to miss out!

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  1. This brand has had some really unique glitter shapes. This one looks so different and fun. I love the way this looks against your base.

  2. Not a fan of the cat head glitters but still cute!

  3. How have i never heard of this brand?! SO PRETTY!

  4. Oh my! I hadn't realized those glitters are cat's head shaped! So funny.

  5. So beautiful I cannot wait to have a small haul from this indie.

  6. Oh wow, now I have seen everything with glitters! This is perfect for a cat lover! :D

  7. I'm a glitter fiend and this polish is a must have for me!

  8. Cool toppers, looks great with the base you selected.


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