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Saturday, August 15, 2015

BP-75 and Polish Alcoholic "Sombrero Galaxy"

Hi lovelies!

Today I have some stamping and some indie polish to show you! I created stamping decals with Born Pretty Store BP-75 and put them over Polish Alcoholic "Sombrero Galaxy". I went for a peacock design:

I put one coat of "Sombrero Galaxy" over Essence "Electriiiic". Then I placed the decals that I made (using BPS black stamping polish, NYC "Full Metal Jacket" and "Electriiic") on the nails (after applying some clear nail polish, to make them sticky) and fixed them with top coat.

"Sombrero Galaxy" is a multichrome flakie topper that shifts from gold to green and purple, really pretty, like the galaxy itself...

I think the infrared pic below inspired this polish:

And above is an awesome pic of an asteroid moving in the field of view of the Sombrero Galaxy! Had to include!

Now back to the peacock design; if you'd like to order this plate, it's on sale now! It has many more feather designs, so it will allow for lots of different manis. You can find it here and if you use discount coupon code SXDQ10 at checkout, you will get a 10% discount on other, non-discounted items!

Let me know what you think of this design!


  1. Love this mani - so beautiful!!

  2. Oh my gosh, these look so freaking cool.

  3. So pretty! Love the flakies. :D

  4. Such a pretty mani. I love the blue you used and the design is so nicely done

  5. Those peacock feathers are gorgeous!

  6. The peacock feathers look wonderful! I love the dark night sky background as well - really is a nice manicure all together.


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